Business / Corporate Law / Contracts

Business Formation (LLC’s, INC’s)

A new business venture, like a new house, starts with a solid foundation. When you begin planning a new enterprise, the advice of trusted legal counsel ensures that you do not miss critical steps in the process.

The all-important first step of establishing a business begins by defining a clear separation of business and personal affairs, and establishing a legal entity, such as a corporation or a limited liability corporation, to protect your own assets from your business’ liabilities.

Contract Drafting

While you may be tempted to use do-it-yourself contract templates found on the Internet and elsewhere, the money you save up front can pale in comparison to the money you spend later on court costs and attorney fees.

Poorly drafted contracts inevitably result in disputes that end up in court. Vagueness in contracts is the number one reason our firm litigates contract cases – each party thinks that some key term means something the other party has not intended. Not only does a badly drafted contract lead to litigation, it will also likely entail increased legal fees. Attorneys will spend time arguing about what the contract actually means and the dispute may still end up in trial to finally resolve differences in interpretation. Even worse, drafting and/or signing a contract you do not understand may subject you to costs of litigation.

It pays to hire a lawyer to draft your contract, so as to clearly define each party’s rights and duties. A competent attorney experienced in contract drafting and review can assist you in putting together an agreement that establishes your rights and obligations in clear terms, and can help lessen future disputes and litigation.

Business & Contract Litigation

Litigation is the primary means by which civil disputes are resolved in Court. At Huskins Law Firm LLC, we regularly handle a variety of business and contract litigation matters for both plaintiffs and defendants.

Often when a business deal results in a conflict, litigation may be the only option. While our attorneys take an aggressive approach to litigation, we firmly believe in resolving disputes without time consuming and expensive trials, whenever possible. We evaluate each case to determine if alternative dispute resolution may effectively settle our client’s dispute.

Our law firm regularly handles business disputes involving issues such as:

  • Breaches of Contract
  • Business Dissolutions and Buy Outs
  • Unfair Competition
  • Employment Agreements